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Our goals are associated with the social welfare of the population and democratization.  By responding more seriously to our roles and responsibilities in the future, we will re-value our trust and solidarity and are firmly convinced of generating new visions regarding development and cooperation.

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Our logo is identified with the Mayan guardian Kabawil that refers to the bird with dual vision.  The spiral center focuses on how the Mayan Indigenous peoples perceive time--spiral rather than linear.  The spiral center of the logo opens up like flower petals, distinguishing the night’s darkness from the day’s brightness. The spiral center represents the sun as the center of all movement with the planets orbiting around the sun creating day and night.   The four flower petals represent the four cardinal corners that are influenced by the equinox and solstice.

By the year 2017, the Association IDEI is a solid and sustainable organization that in coordination with the organized communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations have contributed to the Buen Vivir of the population through health and educational models that can be replicated at the local, regional and national levels.


A non-profit, non-governmental, no-political, and no-religious organization that initiated its activities in 1994 to advocate for the human development of the population in Guatemala through health, education, and applied research based on strong community participation, gender equality, human rights and cultural respect with the diverse populations that we collaborate with.



Un año más, este 1 de diciembre la Asociación IDEI se solidariza con las personas de todo el mundo afectadas por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana (VIH), especialmente aquellas que residen en municipios del Occidente de Guatemala, donde desarrollamos importantes acciones de prevención y atención.

Gracias al apoyo de AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Guatemala, que

apoya los eventos conmemorativos en 38 países de todo el mundo, podemos manifestar públicamente nuestro comprimiso institucional y adherirnos a la campaña

“mantén la promesa”. 


Quality Infant and Reproductive Health Services

General Purpose

Promote Health Strengthening Models that increase coverage and access to families in the rural areas through quality, integrated services (individual, family and community programs) for infant and reproductive health and the horizontal integration of TB/HIV/AIDS services at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.    

Critical Education for Integral Development Programs

General Purpose

Promote spaces for participation and free expression among children, youth, women and men and vulnerable groups in decision making as an exercise for practicing rights and obligations as Guatemalan citizens.  

Evidence-based Global Health and Implementation Science research

General Purpose

Design and Implement evidence-based research for Global Health, with special focus on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.  Strengthen country-level capacity-building.  



Association for Investigation, Development and Integral Education (Association IDEI) is a non-lucrative, non-religious non- political organization, since 1994, that promotes human development in the Western Highlands in Guatemala, Central America through quality health programs, critical education for Integral Development, and TB and HIV research with active community participation. Association IDEI’s strategic objectives are associated with the social welfare of the population and democratization.  By responding more seriously to their roles and responsibilities in the future, Association IDEI will re-value ​​its trust and solidarity and is firmly convinced of generating new visions regarding development and cooperation.  


Stategic Planning

Stategic Objective 1  INSTITUTIONAL

Strengthen the organizational structure, optimize human resources and existing finances that permits to effectively manage sustainable, integrated projects.   

Strategic Objective 2 COMMUNITY

Contribute to the human development of the Guatemalan population by implementing  integrated models that can improve the beneficiaries life conditions and be replicated in similiar realities.  

  • —Children

  • —Youth

  • —People Most at-risk for HIV/AIDS

  • —Women

  • —Adults

  • —Community Leaders

Beneficiaries of Association IDEI



The Association IDEI includes “Sustainability” as a key part of our institutional mission statement.  We conceive Sustainability as a permanent process of strengthening capacity in three components:  Financial Investment, Social Inversion and Organizational strengthening.  We define Sustainability as: 


Sustainablity is the capacity to consolidate and increase interactions with the society as part of the institutional mission.  It signifies to go beyond what is considered financial investments. This is an important element as well as a good government with strong managerial and direction capabilities, transparency, social inversion, that are able to assume risks and relate to their surroundings.  This concept is dynamic or constantly changing and looks for a balance between its surrounding, philosophical values and internal capacities. 

Social Sustainability focuses on how our quality health projects strengthen the community after the international cooperative funding terminates.  In the Inclusive Health Model the Community Health Workers were trained and accredited as Community Auxiliary nurses through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.  We also worked on Local ownership of the MIS model and installed community decision-making and empowerment.  We tried to reduce maternal and child mortality through the constant supervision and monitoring of Traditional Birthing Agents. 


We also installed an HIV clinic in a Tuberculosis Hospital together with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare program where we reduced mortality among newly diagnosed TB/HIV patients from 77% in 2005 to 22% in 2008.  We are empowering HIV patients with life skills so that they can cut hair and make-up women in a beauty salon or make cakes and desserts, create their own garden or start-up their own business.   



Head Office

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15 Avenida "A" 3-33 Zona 01 

Quezaltenango, Guatemala


Tel: (+502) 7765 8613

Fax:(+502) 7761 9212

Work with us

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