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Our goals are associated with the development and promoting humanrelations more fair and caring, seeking the welfare of the population, democratization, revaluing the confidenceand respect for institutional strengtheningwhich is aimed at giving assurance to projects in social function and be firmlyconvinced renew generate visions on development and cooperation, recognizingthe unity within diversity, reassessing and strengthening ancestral principles.

Our logo is identified with the guardian and teacher Kamawil in Maya worldview, meaning Bird dual His look is look forward and back, to and fro, up and down. Is thatsees beyond the physical, discerning the inner or spiritual extremes of the same phenomenon, opposed but identical in nature, light and darkness is the realessence of things, processes and peoplewhich indicates the unity and integrity in diversity.


By the year 2017, the Association IDEI is a solid and sustainable organization that in coordination with the organized communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations have contributed to the Buen Vivir of the population through health and educational models that can be replicated at the local, regional and national levels.

Mission Statement

A non-profit, non-governmental, no-political, and no-religious organization that initiated its activities in 1994 to advocate for the human development of the population in Guatemala through health, education, and applied research based on strong community participation, gender equality, human rights and cultural respect with the diverse populations that we collaborate with.

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