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Evidence-based Global Health and Implementation Science research

General Objective:

Design and Implement evidence-based research for Global Health, with special focus on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.  Strengthen country-level capacity-building. 


Treatment Prevention:                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Impact of Integrating HIV adn TB Care and Treatment in a Regional Tuberculosis Hospital in Rural Guatemala.

  • Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Mayan Women in Rural Guatemala Whose Partners are Migrant Workers.

  • Determine culturally appropriate strategies for the implementation and evaluation of prevention and integrated care interventions among Populations at most-risk for STI and HIV/AIDS. 

  • Determine Knowledge, Attitude and Practices for STI and HIV/AIDS Prevention among Four Mayan Linguistic Groups in Guatemala and LGBTI groups in Rural Guatemala.

  • Defining Strategies for Increasing HIV testing Uptake Among Men Who Sex with Men and Trangender Populations in Guatemala.

  •  Improving Point of Care Tb Diagnostics in Central America.

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