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Studies And Research
 General Purpose:

Determine culturally appropriate strategies for the implementation and evaluation of preventive interventions, sensitive and comprehensive care in vulnerable and at risk of STI / HIV / AIDS.



  • Design and realization of qualitative and quantitative studies to determine factors influencing social cultural preventing HIV / AIDS in migrant men, young and Mayans and design a culturally sensitive interventions or pilings.
  • Involvement of a selected group of the population, to identify there interests and needs that whey to determine possible solutions.
  • Training the community as multipliers sexual health education and STD / HIV / AIDS.
  • Training of the health care personnel in the local and regional hospitals providing quality services in prevention and comprehensive care to child transmission of HIV / AIDS.
  • Sero-prevalence studies of HIV / AIDS with TB patients in a regional hospital and sentinels of HIV / AIDS in populations at risk.
  • IEC materials development based on cultural characteristics, knowledge, attitudes and practices of the target population, to promote attitudinal change.
  • Designing a sustainable model of comprehensive HIV / AIDS with culturally appropriate methodologies


  The National Hospital outpatient Dr. Rodolfo Robles de Quetzaltenango and community extension program at the Southwest

 Estudios e Investigaciones

Estudios e InvestigacionesEstudios e Investigaciones

Estudios e Investigaciones






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