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Quality Services

General Purpose:

Increase coverage and access of rural families to comprehensive reproductive and child health quality


  • Formations and consolidation forlocalbilingual resource (community health workers) in response to the management of childhood diseases.
  • Supervision from health workers to ensurequality management of illnesses and continuing the education for children.
  • Systematic Offering sexual and reproductive health, with individual and couple counseling in clinical and community family planning STD / HIV / AIDS and cancer of the cervix.
  • Supervision and capacitating for monitor practices and counseling on self-care and health care for pregnant women and childbirth and postpartum period.
  • Strengthening of referral and at all levels of cases treated locally and child health emergency and obstetric complications.
  • Critical analysis on sexual and reproductive health, linked to cultural, social, economic, political and traditional gender behaviors that affect the health self-care in women.
  • Processes IEC (information, education and communication) adapted to the needs and cultural characteristics of the population.


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