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Sustainability Research Association, Global Education and Development

- IDEI -


Association for Research, Development and Integral Education, IDEI, has been working with health projects since 1994 in different fields at the community level, at the level of health centers, and hospital level with comprehensive methodologies and pedagogical mediation focused on the needs of the most vulnerable, impact testing alternatives to advocate allowing local, community, provincial and national levels. The main work has focused on services to the population, critical education and research.


Public Policy on the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections-ITS-and Epidemic Response to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome - AIDS, Is a set of actions to the comprehensive care of these conditions, by coordinating the different social actors involved and / or affected by them, under the responsibility of the Government of the Republic must have a multidisciplinary and intersectoral and culturally relevant to address this problem.


In this sense of the law, raised IDEI develop alternative income generating project, performing typical ornaments in the beginning, but with the passing of the years have been implementing various activities that can provide these resources, and this is how in the year two thousand and ten I Latté Café emerges as the latest project of self sustainability in order to contribute and support to PLHIV, young, single mothers and Peasants. The (I) users (as) often do not complete their treatment because of lack of access to medicines and appropriate preventive treatment, and must travel long distances to access it. These are fundamental reasons for investing resources from productive social Café Latté I may be intended as a logistical support, to ensure the monitoring and treatment of PLHIV who come to the centers and let be a source of support for income generation and social production chain.


The need to rely absolutely no international funds and make the process more sustainable work the organization does in the medium term urgent gradually decreasing resource dependence donated from outside sources. But we can not do without them and this requires to identify potential sources and alternatives and seek a degree of self-financing but not total financial independence achieving an optimal distribution of income sources.


IDEI is why program poses a medium to long term sustainability where actions can be generating change and transformation in the life and reintegration of these people I groups. IDEI poses look from below, and from the same, overlapping as far as possible to what comes from above and outside. Walking towards greater financial autonomy diversifying funding sources, must have a clear position on the donor search was planned Implementation I Latté Café, state contributions, donations, collection drives, use of revolving funds, investment profitability through training, production projects, sale of services and user contribution, joint projects with other NGOs, as well as improving administrative capacity and efficiency of human resources are some of the mechanisms for achieving sustainability in our corporate vision indicated.


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