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Quality Control
Requirements for internal and external performance:

      IDEI Association, has manuals, regulations and internal policies and procedures that establish processes for improved institutional performance and the personnel working in the various programs, Health, Education Criticism, Research and Sustainability. These documents are:

     Administrative Procedures Manual.
     Working Rules Authorized by the Ministry of Labour.
     Control Inputs and digitally.
     Internal and External Audits.
     Monitoring and Evaluation Plans.
     Accounting Control electronically.
     Institutional Policies for hiring new staff.

      The Human Resource Association working in and on the different programs and projects have been selected for their ability, experience and community work thus focuses our work.

      As part of strengthening staff training is provided constant or cyclical issues that generate interest and reflection analysis for decision making at the institutional, community, local, national and international.

      The health program is aimed at improving the quality and comprehensive care, so that the Association has a warehouse with an air conditioning system which allows better control medicines are in parallel to the rotation system and verification of dates maturity.

      So also in the research program with electronic equipment for testing and results in the shortest time.