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Sector Coordinator Against AIDS

THE ACSLS was formed for:

  • Promote active participation in the ACSLS all population groups in the country without discrimination of any kind.
  • Promote actions to prevent HIV epidemics among the population and government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Promote management activities, policy advocacy and programs to help prevention, care and support.
  • To promote scientific knowledge of partners and the general public about HIV.
  • Promoting respect for human rights of PLWHA.
  • Promote information on projects, programs and services partners.
  • Promoting discussion of current issues and controversial HIV.
  • Promote technical support for the development of human resources of the partners on the issues of prevention, education, information, care and support.
  • Promote all programs and projects fighting HIV from partners are framed within Guatemala peace agreements and all agreements and treaties approved and signed in Guatemala, human rights and standards of best professional practices framed by the UN agencies in the fight against HIV.
  • Encourage and support research that will contribute to the control of the HIV epidemic.